Maintaining Your Cottage

Traditional Swedish summer cottage during autumn



Although the winter months can be very brutal, the summer months are absolutely irresistible in our northern state of Vermont. This climate discrepancy results in a lot of people spending their summers here in Vermont and their winters in a place that is much warmer than the cold New England Air. While we would definitely be stoked if you wanted to live in Vermont full time, we are still happy that you want to share your time with us in this lovely state.

Owning a cottage in Vermont can be a very rewarding experience. However, there is a lot of upkeep required if you want to enjoy the full comfort of your space up here in the North. This post will focus on some of the main things with cottages that involve maintenance. Read on for the full scope on taking care of a cottage in Vermont!

Cottage Upkeep


In the winter, the snow kills most plants. However, when spring comes around, everything comes roaring back to life. This results in many things becoming unkempt and untamed on properties. Consequently, you will need to hire some sort of lawn or plant maintenance service a month or so before you return. This will ensure that you property is tidy and ready for your enjoyment.

Tree removal

Because our winter storms can get so bad, it is very likely that you may have a tree down on your property. This can inhibit both growth and access to important things on your property. If you get news of some kind of storm hitting the area where your cabin is, do not hesitate to ask your neighbors if everything is okay on your property. More often than not, they will help you check to see if you need to hire some sort of tree removal service. There are plenty of those kinds of services here that will assist you in removing a fallen tree from your property. You can even pay to have them chop it into firewood!


The last main thing that you should keep in consideration when maintaining a cabin is to make sure that your heating and air conditioning work properly. Contrary to popular belief, it can indeed get quite hot here in Vermont. You will want to make sure that your HVAC is in perfect working order for when you visit in the summer. You can even contact your local HVAC, such as air conditioning Virginia Beach for help on getting a Vermont HVAC specialist. They can help you with affordable ac units and home gas heaters.

Walking in the Woods



Living in Vermont provides for many earthly pleasures. For example, we have plenty of things to do in nature. The possibilities are almost endless. No matter what season it is, there are things that you can do to enjoy this lovely planet that we call home. In the winter, we make the most of the cold snowy months by doing things such as snowshoeing, downhill skiing and snowboarding, and cross country skiing. This is just a taste of what we do in the winter. In addition, when spring rolls around, we like to go hiking or gather up sap from the sugar maples in order to make our world famous Vermont maple syrup. When summer is here, we have other things that we like to do. One of the things that we enjoy best is taking advantage of the lovely water that we have. We swim, boat, waterski, and much more when it is hot.

The best activity


These are all great activities that we do year in and year out. However, there is one thing that we can do year round that is simple and meditative. That thing is walking in the woods. We have plenty of wooded areas and forests in this great New England state. When it is snowy, we can enjoy the quiet goodness of the tranquil woods. Many poets have written about this calming silence. When the summer is here, walking in the woods will have you overwhelmed with sights, sounds, and smells. It seems like the whole forest is alive during these months!

Weekend Excursions in VT




Congratulations! You’ve made it through the work week. After all of those hours grinding along in a cubicle, you are ready to bust out at 5pm on Friday and get your weekend started. However, if you’re new to Vermont, you might want to spend your first few weekends exploring the state. There are plenty of things to do and see here. It may be difficult trying to find a place to start. However, this article is intended to help you figure out where to go and what to check out within a weekend’s time here in this beautiful state. Keep reading to find out more information!

Getting around

What to do

One of the best qualities of Vermont is that it is a pretty small state. Everything is no more than a 3 or 4 hour drive here. As a result, if you have a car, you will be able to get around from place to place pretty easily.

What you should check out will depend entirely on what season it is. If it’s summer, then you should definitely head out to a state park to go hiking and camping. There are plenty of great places to do this. You can find out more by doing your research online. If it is snowing and cold, then grab your skis and head out to the slopes. Vermont is well known for being one of the best places to ski in the East. Some great places to check out include Stowe and Mad River Glen.

Unexpected Weather




Living in Vermont means that nothing is certain when it comes to the weather. There are days when it is totally nice and sunny, and then there are days where we get hammered with snow. The weatherman is somewhat of a paid liar, and we take every meteorology report with a grain of salt. As a result, we Vermonters have grown adept to adapting to the weather. We take it as it goes. In this post, I’ve included some things that we do to stay warm or cool or dry or whatever we need to be to maintain homeostasis. Read on to get a clue of what it’s like to be at the mercy of the Vermont climate!



One of the things that can be tricky about living in Vermont during the summer is that you never know how hot it is going to get. What is difficult is that most of the time, it is pretty predictable. We usually have a pretty mild summer with not a lot of hot days. However, this can all vanish instantly with a scorching hot day that is very difficult to handle. Pair this with humidity from the lakes trapped by the trees and you end up with a very muggy environment. This can make it very difficult to sleep at night. Humidity can make a temperature seem hotter than it actually is. A lot of people will deal with this by purchasing an air conditioning unit. The lucky thing about living in Vermont is that there are plenty of companies who are great at air conditioner installation. If you are interested in it, there are places that offer affordable ac units. This will allow you to make due when it gets hot and wet in Vermont.


On the flip side, it is not mystery that it can brutally cold in Vermont. We expect this to happen pretty much every day in the winter. However, there are some days where it is unbelievably cold and we don’t anticipate it. It is on these days that we count on our heaters to be in tip top shape. If that is not the case, we are definitely in big trouble. For those who are spending just a few days in Vermont during the winter, then you will need to invest in home gas heaters. This way, you’ll be able to deal with that brutal Vermont cold.

The Maple



As we’ve stated before, Vermont is filled with all different kinds of trees. The most prevalent one is a tree called the sugar maple. This is a special kind of tree because its sap yields a particularly lovely substance that has made Vermont famous. That substance is maple syrup. There are so many things that you can do with maple syrup. In this post, we will talk about how we make it and what we like to do with it. Keep reading for all of the information on maple products!

Maple products

Making Syrup

Making syrup is a much more involved process than you might think it is. In the fall, we tap the trees by making a small hole in the trunk with a nail or something that will bore into the tree. We leave it there all winter and when spring comes around, the sap will start to flow. If you are old school, then you just hang a bucket on the nail and let the sap collect in the bucket. However, some more large scale operations will have a line connecting the nail to a long tube that will transport the sap to somewhere else. Either way, when the sap is collected, it gets dumped into a heated vat. This vat will continue to have the sap boil so that most of the excess fluid will evaporate. This will make the sugar in the sap more concentrated. By the end of the process, you get a sweet, sticky, highly viscous fluid that we love and call maple syrup.

Trees in Vermont



As this blog as probably already explicitly stated, living in Vermont is a very blissful thing. The mountains, lakes and forests are all glorious and here for us to enjoy. If you have ever been to Vermont, one of the things that you have probably noticed is the incredible amount of trees that we have in our state. This is one of the things that we are proud to have. We have a lot of state forests that are protected because we care so much about our trees. There are many different kinds of trees that you can find in Vermont. However, if we spent all day listing them, we would probably be here forever. So, we are going to list three of the most common trees that you can find in Vermont. If you go on any kind of hike in our lovely state, you will probably have no problem spotting them. Keep on reading to find out about these great trees!


Sugar Maple

As you probably already know, Vermont is very well known for a very sugary treat that everybody loves. That is maple syrup. There are so many things that we can do with maple syrup, you’d be amazed. However, that is for another post. What we would like you to know is that the maple syrup comes from a lovely tree called the sugar maple. They are all over Vermont!

Yellow Birch

The second common tree in Vermont is called the yellow birch. You can spot it by its peeling bark!


The last tree is called the beech. It is strong and tall!

Proud to Live in Vermont



Every once in a while, I have to stop and think about how fortunate I am to live in Vermont. There are so many things that I appreciate about this place. It would be incredibly difficult to try to enumerate all of them, but I will tell you a short story about one example in particular that made me very thankful to be up here in the Northeast.

Not California

Last week, I was in my yard gardening when I got a call from my brother. This was interesting, because we both have relatively busy lives and don’t have much time to talk to each other. He was calling to ask me what the temperature was like up here in Vermont. He lives in California, and in the summer, it can get quite hot down there. Anyway, I told him that there was nothing out of the ordinary here in Vermont; it was a sunny July day and the temperature was seventy nine degrees.

He about lost his bearings completely over the phone! He couldn’t believe how nice and temperate it was in our part of the country. He had called to tell me that it was ninety six degrees in California. To make matters worse, his air conditioning had just broken. He needed somebody to help him install new A/C units fast. I quickly jumped to a computer to help him find air conditioning Modesto. Luckily, there was a service that was not too far away from him. We looked up the number on the internet and made a quick call to see if they could come over right away.

A/C troubles

However, as luck would have it, they were booked straight for the day. It seems that everyone’s air conditioning broke that day. This was definitely a bad coincidence, he told me. How unfortunate this was for my poor brother. They offered to send their furnace maintenance service, but we knew that this would just be no good. My brother hung up the phone. Later, he told me that they were hot and miserable for the rest of the day.

It was at that point that I realized how lucky I was to live in Vermont. It never gets crazy hot, and that is something that I definitely appreciate. I went back to my garden with a nice tall glass of lemonade, thankful that I didn’t have to endure some unbearable heat with a broken air conditioning unit.




I am proud to be a Vermonter. There are few things that I tell people with gusto and pride, but living in Vermont is definitely one of them. I travel around a lot, and it’s not often that I meet somebody who lives in Vermont. However, with the recent news and the Democratic primary, another Vermonter has risen to fame and notoriety. That person is Democratic candidate-hopeful Bernie Sanders.

A new perspective

There is a lot of controversy surrounding Bernie, but one of the things that I admire most about him is that he is offering a fresh perspective on American government and economics. Being on the East Coast, we Vermonters are not that far removed from New York City and the goings on in the Wall Street world. We know of all of the dishonesty and unfairness that is taking place there. It seems as if most presidents and presidential candidates turn a blind eye to what is going on there. What I love about Bernie is that he is willing and eager to recognize the injustice that is occurring and is quick to offer a solution to the problem. This is great because he is ready to take action and take a stand against these white collar thieves.

The battle

Sanders has become unpopular as of late. This is not because he is not fit to be president. In fact, he has done nothing wrong. The media paints him in a bad light because Hillary Clinton, the other candidate hopeful, has the money to buy out the media. It’s sick and wrong, but that is exactly what Bernie is trying to fix.

Owning Property in Vermont



The United States of America is an incredibly vast country with so much to offer. Each region boasts its own climate. For example, the northeast region of the country has characteristically cold and snowy winters. The south and southeast regions are known for being hot and humid. The southwest region of the country are dry and contain lots of desert. The northwest region of the country is temperate and often rainy.

In addition to climate, there is so much to explore topographically in the United States. If you are in the Midwest, you can enjoy lots of flat fields and woods with lakes. If you live in the West, you can find all kinds of terrain, such as mountains, buttes, and plateaus. However, there is nothing quite like the northeast region of the United States. Here, you can enjoy all four seasons thoroughly. If you are thinking of purchasing land to own somewhere in the United States, buying it the New England region is definitely a winning option.

Of course, you can definitely take your pick from which state in which to purchase your land. However, Vermont should be a strong candidate in your mind. One reason why Vermont is a great choice is that there are plenty of rural areas. This means that there is a lot of land for sale, and often at a cheap price. If you are looking for that perfect spot in the woods or on a lake, then you can certainly find that in Vermont. In addition, if you are looking for a place to stay when you have a skiing getaway, Vermont is a strong contender. This is because Vermont is home to some of the best skiing on the East Coast. You can grab some great tracks at either Stowe or even Mad River Glen. Enjoy!

Summer in Vermont



When I tell people that I live in Vermont, I oftentimes get wide eyed expressions and questions like, “Isn’t it really cold up there?” While the winter months are definitely snowy and chilly, the summer months are absolutely wonderful up here in Vermont. There are so many things that you can do and places that you can explore in this awesome state. This post will talk about some great summer activities that we do up here in Vermont when it’s warm. Read on to find out all about it!

Life on the lake


If you weren’t aware, there are a plethora of lakes here in Vermont. This means that when it gets hot, we flock to the water. One of the biggest lakes in Vermont is Lake Champlain. This large lake is home to our largest city, Burlington. In the summer months, you can see people on the beach getting a tan or enjoying themselves in the water.


In addition to swimming, watersports are also a big thing up here. Since Lake Champlain is so large, there is plenty of water to roam about. Some people go sailing. Some like taking things to the next level and go parasailing! For those who are into motorsports on the water, there are plenty of great boat races around. In addition to racing, there are a lot of people who enjoy waterskiing and wakeboarding on the lake. For those who are into a tamer ride, tubing is also very popular here.

The summer is waiting for you here in Vermont! Come on up!