About 4VT



Hey there!

My name is Jack and I am the owner of this website. Thanks so much for giving us a visit. This site is all about Vermont and how much we love it. Feel free to mosey on around the site and “catch the bug!”

Before I go any further, I have to make small confession: I am not a native Vermonter. I actually grew up in New York City, but fell in love with this state as a young lad on a college ski trip. Being from the city, having peace and quiet was something that was rather unknown to me. However, when I took that ski trip up to Vermont, I totally fell in love. The air was fresh. There was silence. I could hear myself think. After that ski trip, I resolved that Vermont would be the place that I would settle down.

And that is exactly what I did. After I graduated from college, I got a job working at a small company based out of Burlington. I could have gone anywhere else and probably could have made more money, but I realized that this was the place that I wanted to be.

The rest is history, really. I got married and raised a family here. Now, I’ve been here for so long that I have to do the math and subtract from what year I got here to tell you how long I’ve been in Vermont.

I hope this website will help you see how much we love Vermont. We’ve got a whole team of Vermonters over here testifying of this state’s great beauty.