I am proud to be a Vermonter. There are few things that I tell people with gusto and pride, but living in Vermont is definitely one of them. I travel around a lot, and it’s not often that I meet somebody who lives in Vermont. However, with the recent news and the Democratic primary, another Vermonter has risen to fame and notoriety. That person is Democratic candidate-hopeful Bernie Sanders.

A new perspective

There is a lot of controversy surrounding Bernie, but one of the things that I admire most about him is that he is offering a fresh perspective on American government and economics. Being on the East Coast, we Vermonters are not that far removed from New York City and the goings on in the Wall Street world. We know of all of the dishonesty and unfairness that is taking place there. It seems as if most presidents and presidential candidates turn a blind eye to what is going on there. What I love about Bernie is that he is willing and eager to recognize the injustice that is occurring and is quick to offer a solution to the problem. This is great because he is ready to take action and take a stand against these white collar thieves.

The battle

Sanders has become unpopular as of late. This is not because he is not fit to be president. In fact, he has done nothing wrong. The media paints him in a bad light because Hillary Clinton, the other candidate hopeful, has the money to buy out the media. It’s sick and wrong, but that is exactly what Bernie is trying to fix.

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