Trees in Vermont



As this blog as probably already explicitly stated, living in Vermont is a very blissful thing. The mountains, lakes and forests are all glorious and here for us to enjoy. If you have ever been to Vermont, one of the things that you have probably noticed is the incredible amount of trees that we have in our state. This is one of the things that we are proud to have. We have a lot of state forests that are protected because we care so much about our trees. There are many different kinds of trees that you can find in Vermont. However, if we spent all day listing them, we would probably be here forever. So, we are going to list three of the most common trees that you can find in Vermont. If you go on any kind of hike in our lovely state, you will probably have no problem spotting them. Keep on reading to find out about these great trees!


Sugar Maple

As you probably already know, Vermont is very well known for a very sugary treat that everybody loves. That is maple syrup. There are so many things that we can do with maple syrup, you’d be amazed. However, that is for another post. What we would like you to know is that the maple syrup comes from a lovely tree called the sugar maple. They are all over Vermont!

Yellow Birch

The second common tree in Vermont is called the yellow birch. You can spot it by its peeling bark!


The last tree is called the beech. It is strong and tall!

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