The Maple



As we’ve stated before, Vermont is filled with all different kinds of trees. The most prevalent one is a tree called the sugar maple. This is a special kind of tree because its sap yields a particularly lovely substance that has made Vermont famous. That substance is maple syrup. There are so many things that you can do with maple syrup. In this post, we will talk about how we make it and what we like to do with it. Keep reading for all of the information on maple products!

Maple products

Making Syrup

Making syrup is a much more involved process than you might think it is. In the fall, we tap the trees by making a small hole in the trunk with a nail or something that will bore into the tree. We leave it there all winter and when spring comes around, the sap will start to flow. If you are old school, then you just hang a bucket on the nail and let the sap collect in the bucket. However, some more large scale operations will have a line connecting the nail to a long tube that will transport the sap to somewhere else. Either way, when the sap is collected, it gets dumped into a heated vat. This vat will continue to have the sap boil so that most of the excess fluid will evaporate. This will make the sugar in the sap more concentrated. By the end of the process, you get a sweet, sticky, highly viscous fluid that we love and call maple syrup.

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