My Vermont Skiing Adventure



AdobeStock_89581095Vermonters practically come out of the womb skiing. This is a fact of life. The cold New England conditions and gobs of snow provide for the perfect recipe for the winter sport. I myself am not a native Vermonter, but I’ve lived here for long enough that I consider myself one. Being a New Yorker, I remember the first time I took a ski trip up to Vermont.

If you’ve ever thought of skiing in Vermont, there are two things that I have to say to you. Number one: do it. Vermont skiing is the pride of the East Coast. We get a lot of flack for not having the best conditions or the biggest mountains. However, if you take a trip up to this snowy wooded country, you’ll see for your self that Vermont skiing is absolutely breathtaking. This brings me to my second thing that I have to say to you: watch out! Some places in Vermont offer some wicked terrain and crazy conditions that can give even some Rocky Mountain skiiers a run for their money. For example, if you head on down to Mad River Glen, you’ll be huffing and puffing after the second run.

When I first came to Vermont for that fateful ski trip, my friends and I picked a small mountain that we thought would be just a fun place to hang out and do some small time skiing.

I’ve run marathons and gone on hundred mile hikes. However, let me tell you – I have never felt so exhausted in my life after only one day of skiing. That mountain kicked my butt!

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