Snow in Vermont




In case you are unsure where the great state of Vermont is located geographically in the US, it is in the New England region in the northeastern part of the country. This means that Vermont gets to enjoy the same type of weather as the rest of this part of the States. We get fair and temperate summers and long, cold, brutal winters. However, we don’t hate the winters that much. Being people of the North, we have learned to adapt to the weather and make the most out of it. This post will elaborate on some of the things that we do in Vermont during the snowier months. Keep reading for more information!


Getting around

When the snow gets deep, it can definitely be difficult to get around. Luckily, we’ve figured out a lot of that equation. In major metropolitan areas such as Burlington, we have a lot of snowplows on hand ready to remove any of the snow in the streets. In more rural areas where plows are not as common, we often drive trucks or cars with four wheel drive. This helps us avoid getting stuck in the snow or worse, a ditch. For those who own a vehicle with only rear wheel drive, we often put sandbags or some kind of large weight in the back of the car to increase traction.

In addition to making sure we have the most traction possible, we always come prepared for potentially getting stuck in a snowstorm. Personally, I keep some blankets and a flare in the car. I even have a couple cans of Campbell’s soup in the glove compartment!

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