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Maintaining Your Cottage

Traditional Swedish summer cottage during autumn



Although the winter months can be very brutal, the summer months are absolutely irresistible in our northern state of Vermont. This climate discrepancy results in a lot of people spending their summers here in Vermont and their winters in a place that is much warmer than the cold New England Air. While we would definitely be stoked if you wanted to live in Vermont full time, we are still happy that you want to share your time with us in this lovely state.

Owning a cottage in Vermont can be a very rewarding experience. However, there is a lot of upkeep required if you want to enjoy the full comfort of your space up here in the North. This post will focus on some of the main things with cottages that involve maintenance. Read on for the full scope on taking care of a cottage in Vermont!

Cottage Upkeep


In the winter, the snow kills most plants. However, when spring comes around, everything comes roaring back to life. This results in many things becoming unkempt and untamed on properties. Consequently, you will need to hire some sort of lawn or plant maintenance service a month or so before you return. This will ensure that you property is tidy and ready for your enjoyment.

Tree removal

Because our winter storms can get so bad, it is very likely that you may have a tree down on your property. This can inhibit both growth and access to important things on your property. If you get news of some kind of storm hitting the area where your cabin is, do not hesitate to ask your neighbors if everything is okay on your property. More often than not, they will help you check to see if you need to hire some sort of tree removal service. There are plenty of those kinds of services here that will assist you in removing a fallen tree from your property. You can even pay to have them chop it into firewood!


The last main thing that you should keep in consideration when maintaining a cabin is to make sure that your heating and air conditioning work properly. Contrary to popular belief, it can indeed get quite hot here in Vermont. You will want to make sure that your HVAC is in perfect working order for when you visit in the summer. You can even contact your local HVAC, such as air conditioning Virginia Beach for help on getting a Vermont HVAC specialist. They can help you with affordable ac units and home gas heaters.