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The Woods



There is something calming about walking around in the woods (especially by yourself). The sounds of twigs and brush underneath your feet break the silence of this natural sanctuary. If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of life in the woods. It is home to many a woodland creature. All of these animals are existing together in harmony. As a result, you can have a very meditative experience in the woods.

Alone in the trees

Robert Frost also felt similarly about the woods in his poem entitled “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening.” In the poem, he remarks that the woods are “lovely, dark and deep.” This sentiment accurately reflects the meditative and almost therapeutic nature of the woods.


Here in Vermont, we have an overwhelming amount of forest available to our visitors. In addition to state parks, we also just have gobs and gobs of wild land available for exploration.

Personally, I like to go hiking up in northern Vermont. Here, you can see very little imprint of humanity. It is almost like going back in time. Oftentimes, I’ll drive up there for a weekend with a tent and camp out. There are some state parks that exist up there that are excellent for taking a crew out camping or hiking.

One thing that you should be aware of is how cold it can get in the winter. If you are heading up to the woods for some outdoor activity, make sure you dress warmly and bring some flares and a flashlight in case you get lost!

My Vermont Skiing Adventure



AdobeStock_89581095Vermonters practically come out of the womb skiing. This is a fact of life. The cold New England conditions and gobs of snow provide for the perfect recipe for the winter sport. I myself am not a native Vermonter, but I’ve lived here for long enough that I consider myself one. Being a New Yorker, I remember the first time I took a ski trip up to Vermont.

If you’ve ever thought of skiing in Vermont, there are two things that I have to say to you. Number one: do it. Vermont skiing is the pride of the East Coast. We get a lot of flack for not having the best conditions or the biggest mountains. However, if you take a trip up to this snowy wooded country, you’ll see for your self that Vermont skiing is absolutely breathtaking. This brings me to my second thing that I have to say to you: watch out! Some places in Vermont offer some wicked terrain and crazy conditions that can give even some Rocky Mountain skiiers a run for their money. For example, if you head on down to Mad River Glen, you’ll be huffing and puffing after the second run.

When I first came to Vermont for that fateful ski trip, my friends and I picked a small mountain that we thought would be just a fun place to hang out and do some small time skiing.

I’ve run marathons and gone on hundred mile hikes. However, let me tell you – I have never felt so exhausted in my life after only one day of skiing. That mountain kicked my butt!